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  "Zahra Investments (ZInv) is the group’s investment arm. It participates in Direct Investments, Investment Management and Advisory Services".

Zahra Investments offers a broad range of services ranging from investment brokerage, conducting feasibility studies, technical consultation, establishing & managing companies and funds. Its clients range from large international investment houses to Banks seeking
investments from “institutional investors” and “high net worth individuals” in the region.

  • "Here is why our clients seek our assistance and advice:"
    We are one of the most experienced and well-connected companies in the region’s financial industry. Our directors have served as ex-CEO and chairmen of regional banks.
  • ZInv has established strong relationships with a number of U.S. and European financial institutions, mostly in the area of private equity and venture capital.
  • A high calibre advisory team serves our clients. We have an impressive record of achieving client success.
  • ZInv also makes direct investments in the local and international markets, in financial portfolios and traded securities.